WYNERGY the Idea

We have developed and created a “stock-proof” solar tracking system to maximise solar energy production.

Business Model

We develop and operate small Agrivoltaic solar farms which enhance farm production and clean energy generation connected to the national energy market (NEM) or as onsite generation for Agribusiness operations such as dairies and feedlots.

The Future

We aim to develop 10’s to 100’s of small solar farms, feeding power directly into the Essential Energy grid network.

About us

Ben Wynn and Brad Dolahenty are the owners and management team behind WYNERGY. The company was formed to solve the land-use conflict between agriculture and solar power generation.

Ben developed a provisionally patented ‘’stock-proof’’ solar tracking system; Maximising solar energy production while cohabiting and enhancing fertile grazing and farming land.

Our unique approach offers a truly mixed land-use – combining clean-energy and agricultural, known as Agrivoltaics. Building a connection between renewable energy and food+fibre production is a fundamental challenge on fertile farming land, and here at WYNERGY we have developed a business which improves soil and boosts fodder AND energy generation yields.  This has been evidenced by 2 studies in Oregon and Arizona (USA), where an increase of 328 % soil moisture resulted in 90 % increased biomass growth (fodder), compared to the control paddocks adjacent.

Additionally, a microclimate created by the biomass below results in lower air temperatures around the solar installations which increase module performance (greater energy generation).

A global study identifies that if just less than 1 % of agricultural land was converted to solar panels, it would be sufficient to fulfil global electricity demand. Agrivoltaics solves two major challenge’s simultaneously, providing the world with clean energy and farm production. Head to our investor page for more information on becoming involved in WYNERGY projects.

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