WYNERGY the Idea

We have developed and created a “stock-proof” solar tracking system to maximise solar energy production.

Business Model

We plan on working with farmers which will allow us to use the land to set up small solar farms at no cost to them.

The Future

We aim to develop 10’s to 100’s of small solar farms, feeding power directly into the Essential Energy grid network.

About Me

Ben has a Business Degree, Diploma of Education and Certificate III in Landscape Construction. He’s had over a decade running a landscaping and civil construction company.

Ben has always has been mindful of Australia’s clean, affordable power needs to meet growing demands.

One day he pondered the question, “how can agriculture and renewable energy production co-exist seamlessly across Australia’s vast areas of grazing land that doesn’t provide a reliable wind resource?”

A gnawing desire in Ben for sustainability and regional development led him to develop an ambitious idea to create and design a “Stock Proof” solar tracking system; with the subsequent development of the WYNERGY Pty Ltd business model following suit.

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