WYNERGY Pty Ltd is a best practice solar farming company. We design our solar farms to coexist and enhance agricultural production, where soil moisture is increased by over 300%; and fodder growth almost doubles. 
Our current investment options are listed below – we look forward to driving profitability across our solar farm and commercial divisions to benefit our investors, host farmers and our regional economy.

Investment Panel

Are you interested in becoming one of WYNERGY’s cornerstone Investors? Benefit from a direct investment into WYNERGY and have priority access to all of our SPV farm opportunities. Be kept in-the-loop with regular updates and get togethers; and provide input on our strategic direction. We look forward to your participation.

Minimum investment is $25k, and you’ll receive an immediate 20% rebate on your tax via the Federal Governments’ Early Stage Investment Company (ESIC) incentive!

SPV Project Readiness Investments

These development funds are used by WYNERGY to accelerate our Agrivoltaic Solar Farms through to construction.  

Minimum investment of $10k into a WYNERGY solar farm development entity. This is a direct investment into a project specific entity to be managed by WYNERGY for the development of new solar farms. Once the project is at the construction stage these early stage investors can retain their ownership or look at exiting prior to construction.

Solar Farm SPV Equity

For investors looking to secure long-term, stable yields – this is the investment for you!

Invest directly in an energy infrastructure project. Our Agrivoltaic solar farms have been modelled on 8-12% IRR pa.

Minimum investment is $50k, contact our Managing Director Brad Dolahenty now to secure your SPV share allocation today.

Few samples

Investment Panel

Katrina invested $50k and became a member of WYNERGY’s investment panel. She received a 20% ($10k) tax rebate as a result of WYNERGY being an ESIC company

SPV Project Readiness

Ross invested into a WYNERGY operated SPV where his investment value is on track to increase by 43.5% in 12months


All investments in WYNERGY or one of our SPV project entities can only be made using the appropriate application forms attached to the Investment Memorandum of the proposed investment. Any questions regarding the structure of our investments or to access an Investment Memorandum please contact our Managing Director Brad Dolahenty or our Corporate Advisor, Matthew Sweeney from RARE Partners on